Zipper Tutorial

Zipper Tutorial

1. Choose 1 round plastic lace and remove the S hook from the drawer of your My Lanyard Maker. (The example uses the color Neon Orange).

2. Insert your S hook into the space provided on the end of your MyLM. Be sure to slide the peg all the way into it’s holding place so it is flush with the end of your MyLM. To follow the directions below, place the hook into the end that has the B number/ letter combinations.

3. Cut 24 inches from one end of your Neon Orange lace. The remaining portion will be used to make your bracelet. Fold your 24 inch lace in half and place one end of your remaining lace near the fold. Make a knot about a ½ inch from the loop and check that your second lace is secured in your knot. Be sure your knot is big enough to fit onto your S hook. 

4. Separate your laces by placing your 2 shorter Neon Orange laces in slots 1D & 8D. You can wrap the ends of these laces around the slots next to them to help keep them secure because they will not be moving for this particular pattern. This will set up your laces to begin your pattern.

5.  To begin, feed your long Neon Orange lace between slots 1D & 8D. Feed the lace to your left so that it is underneath slot 1D and hanging loose on your left hand side.

6.  Take your long Neon Orange lace and feed in over top of 1D & underneath 8D. Pull your plastic lace tight. This lace should now be hanging loose on the right hand side. 

7.  Now take your Neon Orange lace and feed in over top of 8D & underneath 1D. Pull your lace tight. The end of your lace should now be on your left hand side.

8. Repeat steps 6 – 7 until your lanyard is the desired length. To finish, simply tie an overhand knot at the end of your lanyard and then add in some beads for more fun flair! 


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