Choose Friendship's Intellectual Property Portfolio

Notice to Intellectual Property Infringers (致知识产权侵权者的通知)

Choose Friendship, an Ascendant company, has an unusually robust intellectual property portfolio for a toy product brand. We have defended our rights in this IP in a case involving major U.S. retailers including Walmart and their OEM partners. We have also successfully used Amazon’s IP protection programs to halt the sale in its marketplaces of products that infringed our utility and design patents.

Choose Friendship 是一家 Ascendant company 公司,拥有异常强大的玩具产品品牌知识产权组合。在涉及沃尔玛等美国主要零售商及其 OEM 合作伙伴的案件中,我们捍卫了我们对此知识产权的权利。我们还成功地利用亚马逊的知识产权保护计划来停止在其市场上销售侵犯我们实用和设计专利的产品。

Accordingly, we strongly discourage any party from attempting to infringe Choose Friendship’s IP rights. If you have received notice from Ascendant or another party to cease violating our IP rights, take note: We and our capable lawyers will invest fully in halting any attempts to exploit the strengths of the Choose Friendship brand and product line.

因此,我们强烈反对任何一方试图侵犯选择友谊的知识产权。如果您收到 Ascendant 或其他方要求停止侵犯我们知识产权的通知,请注意:我们和我们有能力的律师将全力阻止任何利用 Choose Friendship 品牌和产品线优势的企图。

Robust IP Portfolio (强大的知识产权组合)

The source of Choose Friendship’s robust IP portfolio is David Crorey, the company’s founder. Over a career based in Detroit, Michigan, Crorey developed an array of patented innovations in the automation of manufacturing processes. When creating what became the original My Friendship Bracelet Maker®, out of instinct he took steps to register his innovations, securing multiple utility and design patents with agencies in the U.S. and abroad.

Choose Friendship 强大的知识产权组合的来源是该公司的创始人 David Crorey。在密歇根州底特律的职业生涯中,克罗伊在制造流程自动化方面开发了一系列专利创新。在创造最初的 My Friendship Bracelet Maker® 时,出于本能,他采取措施注册了自己的创新成果,并在美国和国外的机构获得了多项实用和设计专利。

As the brand’s current owner, Ascendant has accelerated this investment in IP registrations. We have ensured that the attributes of the Choose Friendship brand’s identity and every one of our product innovations is protected in the U.S. and other markets in which we are seeking to expand the Choose Friendship business.

作为该品牌目前的所有者,Ascendant 加速了知识产权注册方面的投资。我们确保“选择友谊”品牌形象的属性以及我们的每一项产品创新在美国和我们寻求扩大“选择友谊”业务的其他市场中都受到保护。

Patent Inventory: (專利盤點)

  • 7946631
  • 8172281
  • 9566535
  • 29898772
  • WIPO140117
  • ZL201080010105.5 (CN102341012B)
  • D619150
  • D626574
  • D667468
  • D685823
  • D656524
  • D676880
  • D684608
  • D700220
  • D707732
  • D748687

Trademark Inventory (商標庫存)

  • 3785767
  • 4061456
  • 4259184
  • 4351674
  • 5506591
  • 6867491
  • 7124479

Representative Wins (代表获胜)

A decade ago, during the Choose Friendship business’ early years, a pair of OEM suppliers to Walmart and other major U.S. retailers knocked off a Choose Friendship bracelet maker’s features. Choose Friendship’s founder sued and won an out-of-court settlement from all parties, leading to the removal of the infringing products from distribution.

十年前,在“选择友谊”业务的早期阶段,沃尔玛和其他美国主要零售商的两家 OEM 供应商模仿了“选择友谊”手环制造商的功能。 Choose Friendship 的创始人提起诉讼并赢得了各方的庭外和解,导致侵权产品被下架。

In recent years, as Choose Friendship’s bracelet makers have become the bestselling products in the Kids Jewelry-Making subcategory on, a number of parties have produced and/or marketed products that replicate or “knock off” the Choose Friendship products’ distinctive silhouette, color combinations, and other features. With the support of Amazon’s IP protection programs, we have successfully removed the following and like products from Amazon’s marketplaces.