Twist (Chinese Staircase) Design Tutorial

Twist (Chinese Staircase) Design Tutorial

1. Pick anywhere from 3-10 threads (the more colors you choose the more colorful and thicker your bracelet will be).

2. Align your strings, fold them in half, and tie knot ½ inch from the fold forming a loop.

3. Attach your ½ inch loop to MYFBM under the clip.
Note: You do not need to place your strings in the string holders

4. Hold all of your strings in one hand and take 2 strings (of the same color) in your other hand.

5. Using both strings, create a single right-handed knot. Continue making right-handed knots with this one color until you want to switch colors.

6. When you want to change colors simply place the strings your knotting with back into your bunch of threads. Pick two other threads (of the same color) and pull to the side.

7. Use your two new threads together to create single right-handed knots.

8. Continue the pattern of single right-handed knots until your ready to switch colors. Remember to simply combine the strings you’re knotting with back with the bunch and pull out two new threads to knot with.

Note: If the string you’re knotting with starts to twist around the bracelet you can move the string under the bracelet and then continue knotting.

9. When you’re ready to finish use all of your strings to tie a double knot to finish your bracelet.

10. Cut off the loose ends and unclip your bracelet. Now you’re ready to wear and share!


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