Round Knot Tutorial

Round Knot Tutorial

1. Choose 2 different colors of plastic lace and a key ring or key hook from your My Lanyard Maker. (This example uses black & white).

2. Align plastic laces end to end, slide laces through the center of your key ring or key hook and secure it in the holding slot of your MYLM Flat lace holder.

3. Insert your black laces in holders 4A & 5C. The white laces will need to be inserted into 5B & 4D. Make sure that there are equal lengths of lace from the center for each lace.

4. Take 5C (black), wrap it around 4C & cross it over the center. Secure the lace in 5A. Take 4A (black), wrap it around 3A & cross it over the center. Secure it in 6C. Release 4D (white), cross it over the center & through the loop made with 4C. Secure the lace in 6B. Release 5B (white), cross it over the center & through the loop made with 3A. Secure the lace in 4D

5. Release the loops from 3A & 4C.

6. Pull the black laces in 5A & 5C tight. Pull the white laces in 6B & 5D. Once pulled tight, they will form your next box.

7. Reset your laces. 5A goes to 4A, 6C goes to 5C & 6B goes to 5B. 4D stays the same. Your laces will now be in their starting positions.

8. Repeat steps 4-7 until your lanyard is the desired length. Simply tie a knot at the end of your lanyard and trim any excess lace.



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