Bordered Chevron Design Tutorial

Bordered Chevron Design Tutorial

1. Pick up to 4 threads for this particular pattern (the example uses blue, light purple, dark purple & white).

2. Align string, fold in half, and tie knot ½ inch from fold forming a loop.
3. Attach your ½ inch loop to MYFBM under the butterfly clip.

4. Separate strings by placing one string per slot. Your border color (blue) will be in slots 2 & 9, the chevron or arrow colors will be in slots 3 & 8 (light purple), 4 & 7 (dark purple) and 5 & 6 (white).

5. Take string #2 (blue) with your right hand and string #3 (light purple) in your left and make a single right hand knot. Now switch your strings into your opposite hands and make a single left hand knot with your #2 (blue) string. This should bring string #2 (blue) back to it’s original position.

6. Now pick up string #3 (light purple) and make 2 right hand double knots. One each, on string #4 (dark purple) and another on string #5 (white). String #3 (light purple) will now be in slot 5.

7. Move to the opposite side and take string #9 (blue) in your left hand and string #8 (light purple) in your right hand and make a single left hand knot. Switch hands and make a single right hand knot with string #9 (blue). Place string #9 (blue) back in it’s original position.

8. Now pick up string # 8 (light purple) and make 3 left hand double knots. One each, on string #7 (dark purple), string #6 (white) and string #5 (light purple). At this point your center strings (both light purple) should be joined in the center to form your Chevron (or Arrow as it is sometimes called).

9. Repeat steps 5-8 from above (with new colors) to keep making your Bordered Chevrons. Remember your border will always be blue and your Chevrons (or Arrows) will alternate light purple, dark purple & white until your bracelet is large enough to fit your wrist.

10. When you think your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist hold three strings from slots #2 #3 #4 with your left hand and three from slots #7 #8 #9 with your right hand. Braid the three strings from your left hand and right hand with the two strings left in slots in #5 & #6.

11. Take the braided strings and tie two basic knots at the end of your friendship bracelet.

12. Unclip your friendship bracelet from the butterfly clip and cut off the excess braided section. Your bracelet is ready to wear or share!


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