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My Friendship Bracelet Maker Instructional Series

Level: Beginner

Friendship Bracelet Madison Pattern


BEFORE YOU BEGIN your friendship bracelet pattern, know how to make the Right Hand Double Knot and Left Hand Double Knot.

1. Pick two colors and get two threads of each color (four threads total).

2. Align your strings, fold them in half, and tie an overhand knot ½ inch from the fold forming a loop.

3. Attach your ½ inch loop to MYFBM under the butterfly clip.

4. Separate your strings by color so you have two groups. Place one group of the same color threads all in slot

5 and the other color group in slot 6.

5. Take the string group from slot 5 and make a single right hand knot on the string group in slot 6.

6. Return that group to slot 5.

7. Take the string group from slot 6 and make a single left hand knot on the string group in slot 5.

8. Return that group to slot 6.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 until your bracelet is long enough to wear. Once your bracelet is the long enough, take all of your threads and braid the remaining strands. Tie a double knot to secure your braids and cut off the extra string. Unclip and you’re ready to wear your new fabulous friendship bracelet!

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