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Knot It!

From the makers of the Award Winning My Friendship Bracelet Maker, MyPhotoSizer App and other MY Craft Kits.

Create your own friendship bracelets with step-by-step instructional videos from Lexie and friends! Follow along and learn how to create a variety of patterns, from beginner to advanced. Along with patterns you will learn tips from the pros to easily create perfect bracelets. So what are you waiting for? Knot Now!

Knot It Features:

  • Setting up your bracelets
  • Creating Basic Knots
  • How to finish your Bracelet
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced pattern videos
  • Latest MY Craft Kit availability
  • MyPhotoSizer to create your own image buttons and bracelets

Compatible with the Award Winning My Friendship Bracelet Maker and other Choose Friendship Craft Kits.


My Photo Sizer

My Photo Sizer allows users to easily fill a 4x6 card with their favorite photos.

The cropping tool allows the user to crop their photos and save them to the image card. These photo cards can then be printed and used with the My Image Bracelet Maker to punch out the small square photos that fill each bracelet tile. Using the My Image Bracelet Maker square hole punch makes cutting out the images a snap. The cropped photo fits perfectly on the jewelry tile pieces included in the My Image Bracelet Maker kit.

String them together and wear your own personalized bracelet.

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