Election Day 2018


Nov 8 2018 0 Comments

Hi Kids! It is Election Day 2018 and I have a very important announcement. My name is Tyler and today I am officially announcing my candidacy for President of the United States of America, for the 2048 election. That is the first year that I will be eligible to run.

I'm Bored!


Jun 27 2019 0 Comments

Create the best summer ever!

"I'm Bored!" the two most dreaded words for busy moms. Summer is here and families are so excited to spend quality time together enjoying time off from school/lunches/homework. Kids and moms can't wait to get outside in the warmth and sunshine after a long winter. But once the novelty of summertime wears off, kids are always looking for something new to do. As moms we know it will come at some point this summer, the inescapable "I'm Bored" whining. I am here to arm you with everything you need to instantly delight and surprise your kids when these moments happen. These activities are sure to inspire fun moments for kids…and mom too! I say this confidently because I have had years of experience.

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