Create the best summer ever!

"I'm Bored!" the two most dreaded words for busy moms. Summer is here and families are so excited to spend quality time together enjoying time off from school/lunches/homework. Kids and moms can't wait to get outside in the warmth and sunshine after a long winter. But once the novelty of summertime wears off, kids are always looking for something new to do. As moms we know it will come at some point this summer, the inescapable "I'm Bored" whining. I am here to arm you with everything you need to instantly delight and surprise your kids when these moments happen. These activities are sure to inspire fun moments for kids…and mom too! I say this confidently because I have had years of experience.

My girls and I began our serious craft journey 10 years ago. I had a week off work, so I diligently searched the Internet for instructions on all the crafts that I loved as a child. My girls fell in love with the art of making a friendship bracelet. Moms---you will see that this will become something you too will be addicted to. There is something so calming and enjoyable about tying these knots and creating a bracelet.

While my girls loved it, they struggled with a few things. Fast forward…I'm back to work and Nanny & Papa are babysitting. The girls decide to show papa how to make the bracelets. They come prepared with a Ziploc bag of messy threads. They spend a good part of the morning just untangling the threads that are in the bag. Then they explain that after you tie a knot at the top, you secure it to the table or couch. They tried taping it to the table, but it kept pulling up. They pinned it to the arm of the couch --- sorry Nanny! Okay what comes next? Well you must organize your threads and keep these threads in order---a difficult task for the most experienced crafter. They were determined…. but a bit frustrated. Papa was too! He was a retired engineer, and the gears in his brain started turning. He had to solve this problem for his sweet granddaughters. He immediately got to work, and the results were amazing! Not only did he make his grandchildren very happy, but he also inspired moms and kids everywhere with his entire line of craft toys. Each kit has the same principals, tools that eliminate the frustration but not the creativity. Make it…. don't fake it are words to live by in our household! Making the crafts yourself is half (or more!) of the joy! In addition to these helpful tools, we also have built-in storage drawers that come with all the supplies you need and keeps it nice and neat (I must take credit here. This was my idea solving my frustration of craft pieces all over the house.)

Summer Craft ChallengeSo how can I help you? I have quite a few brilliant options! For starters, we created the Summer Craft Challenge in three different craft categories. For each of the three craft kits we developed unique craft "challenges" for each week of summer, 12 weeks total. These are great to have on-hand as an immediate boredom buster. The kit comes with all the supplies needed along with colorful instruction sheets. For example, a craft classic, My Lanyard Maker comes with everything you need to make bracelets, bead projects, key chains and more! I will include a link so you can print our free worksheets.

If you don't need the entire craft challenge kit, each of our products provide hours of fun packed into one kit. My Friendship Bracelet Maker, My Chord Maker (recommended for Friendship Bracelet beginners) and my Painting Party each contain all the supplies, along with companion APPS (FREE) with easy How-to Videos explaining everything you need to know to become a craft whiz. If you want to CREATE the BEST SUMMER EVER, check out our website (workshop) or visit our Choose Friendship YouTube channel. You can also find our products on Amazon – for prime members you could be crafting this week! For our local friends…we will be hosting a craft challenge arts and crafts camp at the Friendship Factory in Rochester, MI.

My Friendship Bracelet MakerIt's hard for this mom to believe that those little girls who inspired papa to become a toy inventor are now 20 and 16 years old. Crafting and our family business is still a huge part of our life. My oldest, is now going into her junior year at MSU (whoa!) studying broadcast journalism. She will be appearing on QVC this summer presenting the special 10-year edition of the award winning My Friendship Bracelet Maker! Ten years ago, she was the little girl demonstrating the product while I presented on-air. Now she will be the presenter and we couldn't be more excited!

My youngest, Gracie will be a senior in high school next year. Last weekend Gracie and her friends asked me to get out the Friendship Bracelet Makers so that they could make matching bracelets that they would wear all summer---melting moms' heart of course! Gracie and her friends will be hosting the craft camps at the Friendship Factory. This great group of girls have some amazing fun and trending crafts to inspire the kids. Anyone who knows Gracie knows this is going to be fun…. better sign up before all the spots are filled! Stay tuned for lots more bracelet patterns and summer craft ideas. We will also be sharing Lexie's QVC journey --- I will be right beside her provide a behind the scenes look at this incredible process from start to finish.

Happy Crafting!