Hi Kids!

It is Election Day 2018 and I have a very important  announcement.  My name is Tyler and today I am officially announcing my candidacy for President of the United States of America, for the 2048 election.  That is the first year that I will be eligible to run.

You must be at least 35 years old to be the President of the US.

Did you know that? 

The youngest president ever was Theodore Roosevelt.  He was 42 years old when he became president.  He is also the uncle of Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor was First Lady in 1933, she was married to one of my favorite presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt.  You may have thought that John F. Kennedy was the youngest president.  He was the youngest president elected to office at the age of 43.  Yes, I know a lot about presidents which is one reason I hope I have your vote!

I know I am starting my campaign early, but it is so I will be ready when the time comes.  As your President I will lower taxes, help other countries, preserve our forests, create special holidays to honor our veterans and service people.

If you want to run for office, or do your part for Election Day by making “Every Vote Counts” buttons, check out my Uncle Dave’s invention, My Image Button Maker.  You can use the “My Photosizer” free APP and make personalized buttons of you and your family.  I am using My Button Maker to create “Tyler for President” buttons.  If I start now, I can have millions by the year 2048!  It’s super fun and easy!

We want you to make buttons too! So we are offering an Election Day special.  Go to our website ChooseFriendship.com and use the code VOTE18 to receive 40% OFF My Button Maker through November 30th 2018.

This is Tyler signing off. God bless you and God bless the United States of America!