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The Choose Friendship Company (originally known as Crorey Creations), manufactures innovating, inspiring, and award-winning craft kits, most notably their flagship product, My Friendship Bracelet Maker®.

About Our Company

David Crorey, a former automation engineer who worked 30 years in the Michigan auto industry, invented the My Friendship Bracelet Maker. While he was babysitting his granddaughters, the girls decided to teach “papa” how to make friendship bracelets. Noting the tangled threads, straight pins and tape, Dave thought, “There has got to be a better way.” The result: My Friendship Bracelet Maker®. November 2015 marked Choose Friendship’s 6-year anniversary in “the business of building friendships.”

Today, the Choose Friendship Company® distributes more than 20 products worldwide to crafters young and old, reinventing crafts that have been popular for decades and designing new and fun craft kits.

Choose Friendship prides itself on giving back to the community through its “Choose Friendship Campaigns” that focus on promoting friendship and antibullying. Their impactful video PSA campaign featured an original song, titled “Inside Out” sung by teen sensation Marisa Nahas, singer and songwriter.

For more information on products, causes, and community, look around our website.

With over 40 awards and counting, Choose Friendship Company products consistently win ratings for entertainment, originality and educational value from parent and industry experts. As compact, travel-ready imagination starters, all of our products come with everything kid crafters need to unplug from digital distractions and explore their connections to each other.

All products conform to safety requirements of ASTM F963.

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